ipl 2017 Rajasthan Royal will not play this year

Ipl 2017 teams ban| rajasthan royal :- Chairman of Ipl Rajveen shukla recently announced that this year rajasthan royal got ban this year for match fixing. 2 Years ago it has been proved that some player of this team get caught for the match fixing. In our previous article we have told you many thing about the schedule of ipl season 10 but the most important news which is coming now a day is about teams, As last year Sun rises Hyderabad play after a long time so the same thing also goes tot this years as well, As the auction and the bid of ipl 2017 isn’t done yet so we can’t say which player play from which team side. In previous year Drought really effect many matches in ipl especially in Maharashtra so at the end of last year Chairman and MD of ipl decide to have next season in South africa but later on they change there decision.

Rajasthan royal ipl 2017 ban

will Rajasthan royals play in ipl 2017 or not, i think the answer of most of you is not. well this is true actually. Some people also remember those ipl 1st season when shane warne lead the team and after that the most Cheapest player team won the title of ipl 2017, in now a day experience player don’t have guts to lead there team on number one support.

There are some player in rajasthan team who help this team to win win the ipl title but it is a bitter truth that players who fix the game just for few money make this team shamed of, Another team which ban is Chennai super kings. Punishment to both these team surely create a revolution in ipl and also shut the mouth of those who called games like ipl are fixed. Before baning ipl 2017 players like S. Sreesanth are also arrested due to match fixing from king XII punjab side.

The major effect of banning these team effect fans of both these team, especially the Rajstan team owner Shilpa sheety is really frustrated due to ban of this team, Player of both these teams will play from two new teams i.e Gujrat lions and Sunrises Hydrabad. As from the previous few years dhoni play from Chennai side but this year Sunrises brought him for 7 crore and the amount could be little high if the suggested bid is high for MSD.

Ipl 2017 Teams which ban

All the list as well as players has been provided to you above. In terms and condition it is clearly mention that Sreesanth, Ankeet Chavan and Ajit Chandila are ban for ipl team and still in 2017 they won’t be a part of indian premier league. Now In the month of february it will be clear which player team will play from which side. Currently we can’t say anything regarding to ipl 2017. So these are the main information which we collect about ipl 2017 fixed player, and list of ipl 2017 ban teams

5 Most expensive Player IPL 2017| History of ipl

Checkout Ipl 2017 Expensive player list top 5 :- Hey everyone today we are ready to show you ipl 2017 top most expensive player, Everyone know that ipl season of 2017 will be start on 1st of april to may but the action and the expectation are coming day by day, Today we made the list of some players which could be the most expensive one in ipl 2017.

If you didn’t watch ipl all the time then let me tell you something first. ipl actually a cricket leagues in which team owner select the player and on the basic of player performance team owner suggest many type of bid. In the t20 format there are many players who score very high in any part of the game, the best example of the player is virat kholi and ab dives are the best openers last year from the RCB side but this year auction is little bit different than previous players.

Ipl 2017 Expensive Player| (Expected)


  1. Virat Kohli :-

virat kholi ipl

Indian Running machine virat kohli is on the top of the list of most expensive player 2017. Expectation show that this year in 2017 again he will play from Royal Challenger Bangalore side. Basic price of kohli is around 2 to 3 crore but RCB brought for 8.2 crore. Due to good average and team leader most team want to buy kohli for there team but it is now clear that he will play from rcb side.


2. Chris Gayle :-

On second place west indies opener batsman Chris Gayle come, with highest number of sixes in any format and highest run scorer Gayle always perfect for t20 format, In 2015 cricket world cup we also notice that both these team are perfect for the seminar but due to strong player like gayle west indies able to win the world cup. On the other hand many times in IPL we saw Gayle storm and big sixes. Expected bid from RCB side is 7.8 crore.


3. Shane watson

shane watson ipl expensive players

when it come to all rounder Shane watson always come on the first place, with his claver blowing and long sixes Shane watson also a perfect player from Australian team, As last year bid of shane watson is much higher than any player so this year it should be fine. Mumbai indian brought shane for 6 crore this year for ipl 2017.


Most Expensive Young player Ipl 2017

4. Sanju Samson :-

sanju samson ipl 2017

This year delhi daredevils brought him in 4.5 crore massive amount, Currently it is not clear on which bating order does his going to play but it will be confirm once the ipl season will start, On the basic of last year perfomance suggest bit of sanju samson also increase a lot. Now you can also take the example of some other players in which name of Bangladeshi player


5. Pawan Negi

In the list of youngest expensive player of ipl 2017 pawan negi also come, with a massive blowing performance last year, this year bid of pawan negi is also better. On the other hand in spin bowling action Yuzvendra Chahal also sold in a price around 4 crore

IPL season 10 Upcoming Matches, sponsor, Auction, IPL 2017 Teams

Hello friends checkout Ipl 2017 matches, IPL Season 10 sponsor ipl 2017 teams :-  IPL is the Cricket event Known as the Indian Premier League, it was organized just 9 years ago by the Board of Control for Cricket in India, Idea of the League was given by the Lalit Modi and the huge amount of the money was spent on this event every year. This is the biggest event in the cricket which is played in the India and since it have started in the world of cricket its have created many of records in collections and craze in the fans, This shortest cricket Format has became very popular now a days between the cricket fans, now every one just want to see four and sixes in the every match now.

So for this reason only IPL is Entertaining all of the Fans of cricket from last nine years and now in 2017, IPL is soon going to organize its 10 edition after the successful edition of ninth, in This our article we will just talk about the IPL 10 of 2017.

IPL 2017 Teams, Auction Ipl 2017 matches:-



Before talking about the IPL 2017, Lets just talk about the last edition of the ipl, which was the IPL 9, In this edition of the IPL Hyderabad Sunrises had lift the ipl trophy of the 2016 among the 8 teams. Virat kohli becomes the player of the tournament and Mustafizur Rehman becomes the best emerging player of the tournament. This edition was hold successfully in many of the city of India.

Like last Year in this coming tournament too we will see total eight teams playing in the IPL 10 Tournament. the Teams are like Mumbai Indians, Pune Warriors, Kings XI Punjab, Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challenger Bangalore, Delhi Dare Devils and Gujrat Lions.

Checkout :-  ipl 2017 in south africa| match 

Last year we have seen the big change in this team as in these teams we are seeing two different teams which have been replaced over the Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals because of some Fixing blames on the Teams, These Teams are banned now for two years and you all of the fans will be able to see this teams from 2018 again.

Well the Auction will be start from the last of January 2017 to in between of February 2017, A big budget will be given to all of teams management for purchasing the Players. All of the teams management will reserve only limited number of players and then all of their players including the foreigner players will be available for any team to purchase.

IPL 2017 Sponsor IPL 2017 Tickets:-

From many year Pepsi was doing sponsor to this shortest format of the IPL but last year we have seen Vivo Phone have Sponsor this IPL 2016, it will be thing to watch who will sponsor this new Edition of IPL 2017 recently BCCI has not disclosed much about this but soon we will be able to know.

Tickets for the Matches of the ipl 2017 will be available on the internet soon when the starting date of IPL will be announced once. So these are the info about ipl 2017 tickets, IPL 2017 Matches, If you still have anything to know then you may comment below for more detail

Ipl 2017 To happen in South Africa this year| 2017 indian premier league

Ipl 2017 Venue| In south Africa, Indian Premier League :- Ipl chairman recently decide that they will going to conduct ipl this year in South africa. As all the Previous years Indian premier league has been occur in India but rajiv shukla and Bcci chairman has been decide that they will Ipl 2017 will be happen in South africa. we have already mention the Schedule of match but it is still interesting to know venue has been change for year but there are some other changes as well which will surely happen in ipl 2017. As we all know that Some teams like Rajasthan royals, and Chennai super kings are ban from the last 2 years but this year they may returns, However it will be sure once auction will start. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Ipl 2017 happen in south Africa

ipl 2017 happen in south africa

As we all know that ipl is successfully running from the past 10 years. The best thing about this year is that Dhoni team as well as Team of rajasthan could make his returns. Last year in 2016 we notice that Pune team buy M.S Dhoni but that does’t make the team interesting because every year Dhoni played from Chennai super king side. This year to see the audience response chirman of Ipl can decide where they goona fix the venue and the matches.

In indian there are some bad weather condition due to which all the matches of mumbai and South india has been cancelled and then they decide that the match surely goona happen in North region. ipl has lot of matches every year so this year books your tickets for South africa. African Player who are played in indian team also got the team support at there home ground. Actually very few guys know that one season of ipl has been already happen in South african and this is second time where they are fixing the venue outside india


Ipl 2017 Venue change| to south africa

As there are lot of adventages of this decision but some people also have to face many type of problem regarding to IPL. There are many people in india who wants to see there player at there home ground but this year all of them can’t see them because To see a match it is very difficult to go outside india.

On the other hand team india surely got the support from south africa as well because there are so many indian who are living outside india as well. I am personally waiting for the ipl from the past few months and now final schedule has been about to come. So these are the main information which we collect about Ipl 2017 venue change. Ipl 2017 happen in south africa

IPL 2017 Time table leaked| IPL season 10 Schedule

IPL 2017 Time table leaked| IPL season 10 Schedule :- After a long time chairman of indian premier league unveils the schedule of matches of 2017, Cricket fans are waiting for the full report card of match from the past few month, Being an ipl fan i also want to see my the matches but for indian fans here is a bad news because ipl season 10 will going to play in south Africa. In the last few year we notice that all matches are happening here that’s why decision of chairman changes this time, However till now the news is only a rumors that’s why there is no confirm news about ipl 2017,

However the final report will be confirm when auction of ipl completes, Due to buys schedule all the player are busy in there international matches, Last year when the auction of ipl start we notice that player like virat kholi, jadeja, dhoni are the most expensive player, Due to these well performance we are expecting that this year again indian player rocks in ipl but we have to wait for the final report.


IPL 2017 Schedule| time table

ipl 2017 schedule, time table

Most of indian fans want that ipl 2017 should be happen in india, but still rajiv shukla didn’t confirm anything about it. Talk about ipl 2017. Captain of every team are claim chairman should have to do some changes in the ipl, out of which pink ball is proffered first. In t20 format fans are curious to know when the pink ball launch in t20 t20,


Another big changes which may happen this time is regarding the team, In ipl 2016 two teams i.e gujrat lions and rising pune super kings played and chennai super kings and rajasthan royals have to face a 2 year ban, In the old teams may returns in the 2017. If team of chennai returns this time then it may be a great news for all. The worst thing about the ipl is that owner of teams can buy any player they want, every year 60 to 70 % of the player of every team changes with the time.


ipl 2017 auction & schedule

Latest update show that kevin Peterson is most expensive player of 2017 who sold in more than 3.5 crore, other player like Dwayne smith, ishant sharma also come in the top. In the top leading batsman virat kholi may get sold our in most expensive batsman but still the final report of ipl 2017 ins’t confirm yet. we also update you about the team which are going to participate in 2017 indian premier league.



List of team of ipl 2017


Team name Owner
Mumbai Indians Anita Ambani
Royal challengers Bangalore United Spirits
Delhi Daredevils GMR group
Kolkata knight Riders SRK
Sunrises Hydrabad Kalanithi Maran
Kings IX punjab Preity zinta, ness wadia
Kolkata knight Riders SRK
Chennai superkings chennai superkings cricket ltd
Rajasthan royals Shilpa sheety, raj kundra


finally we have mention the report of all the teams and these owner names, Now everyone is waiting for the final schedule when it release, Current schedule which is leaking on social media is totally fake so it is up to you to whom do you want to believe, If you still have anything to know then you may comment below for more detail.


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ipl schedule

ipl 2017 schedule

IPL 2016 Matches Time table T20| Schedule

IPL 2016 Matches Time table T20| Schedule :-

As we all know that Ipl is one of the biggest format of indian cricket specially for those who want entertainment, Just few days back icc cricket world cup has been completed and we are now here to show you the complete schedule of ipl 2016 i.e season 9. For those who don’t know this year more than 2 team are added but the total team are not that much as in the previous ipl season. In this Ipl season it is confirm that team of Gujrat lions and Sunrise has been added but unfortunately team chennai super kings team ins’t these this time so which is quite a shocking news for ipl lover, Some of the player of ipl season 9 has been added in the other team as we mention above. The season start from May and more than 50 match will be get played this year to.. So take a look at the schedule which you may want to know about ipl.


IPL 2016 Matches| time table T20

IPL 2016 Matches Time table T20 Schedule

In this year audience are manily excited to watch the match of gujrat lions beacuse it is new team and everyone wants to see it’s performance on IPL. this year the mumbai indian again on the top of most expensive team and the owner of the team is Nita ambani. Talk about the other teams which are playing in this match then Mumbai indians, Delhi derdavils, Gujrati lions, Sun rise, RCB, Kings eleven, rising pune are playing this year.


In our last post we told you that the most expensive player who choose this year is shane watson from Australia, and after that yuvraj singh are on the top, In the youngster pawan negi also on the top of the list with a number one priority. This is first time where many youngster are peforming on bigger stage of ipl. The main benefit which young player are getting from ipl is that they are got a platform to perform for these country,



Ipl time table 2016| schedule


Current young player which are playing in india indian team are also come from the Ipl so this season may be the great for the young player also. On the other hand if we take a look at the match they most of them are located all across india and in the next few days you guys are able to buy the tickets. so these are the main information which we gain and collect about Ipl 2016 schedule.


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ipl 2016 time table

ipl 2016 schedule

ipl season 9 schedule


IPL Season 9 start from 9 April 2016

IPL Season 9 start from 9 April 2016 :

As the days are getting closer to us so people are excited to know about the IPL season 9 starting date and it’s timetable. Everyone know that For any t20 format Indian premier league is a big format. Every year team owner choose young player due to which they got a platform to play with Top cricketer all across the world, In 2016 IPL will be going to start on 9th of april 2016. This year you will got more entertainment from matches because one new team is being added recently named Gujrat Lions, however fans of chennai super king will be disappointed this year because team is not playing in 2016 season.


2016 IPL Schedule

IPL Season 9 start from 9 April 2016

Some of the player of CSK are playing in Gujrat lions and Mumbai indian so audience will got the full entertainment.The chance of winning of any team can’t be say yet because Before ipl all the team player should have to play icc t20 world cup. Priority of winning team can’s be expect before the starting of ipl but surely we got a good results at the end. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.


As we already mention that after the icc world cup players will be ready to give there performance to these owners, The most shocking fact which change this year is the player price, In the last IPL Season we notice that Yuvraj singh got sold out on 16 crore but in 2016 Shane watson became the most expensive player worth 9.5 crore.


Ipl 2016 first match & start


This year he will play for RCB, on the other hand yuvraj singh sold out in 7.5 crore which is second highest of 2016, he play for Sunrise hydrabad this year. A rumors report told that first match may be played between KKR and RCB this year but for the final report we should have to wait for sometime. Overall these are the main information which we gain and collect about ipl 2016 schedule, After having the world cup we will show you all the detail about the ipl matches too.


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ipl 2016 schedule

ipl 2016 time table