Ipl 2017 To happen in South Africa this year| 2017 indian premier league

Ipl 2017 Venue| In south Africa, Indian Premier League :- Ipl chairman recently decide that they will going to conduct ipl this year in South africa. As all the Previous years Indian premier league has been occur in India but rajiv shukla and Bcci chairman has been decide that they will Ipl 2017 will be happen in South africa. we have already mention the Schedule of match but it is still interesting to know venue has been change for year but there are some other changes as well which will surely happen in ipl 2017. As we all know that Some teams like Rajasthan royals, and Chennai super kings are ban from the last 2 years but this year they may returns, However it will be sure once auction will start. So take a look at the full report which you may waiting for.

Ipl 2017 happen in south Africa

ipl 2017 happen in south africa

As we all know that ipl is successfully running from the past 10 years. The best thing about this year is that Dhoni team as well as Team of rajasthan could make his returns. Last year in 2016 we notice that Pune team buy M.S Dhoni but that does’t make the team interesting because every year Dhoni played from Chennai super king side. This year to see the audience response chirman of Ipl can decide where they goona fix the venue and the matches.

In indian there are some bad weather condition due to which all the matches of mumbai and South india has been cancelled and then they decide that the match surely goona happen in North region. ipl has lot of matches every year so this year books your tickets for South africa. African Player who are played in indian team also got the team support at there home ground. Actually very few guys know that one season of ipl has been already happen in South african and this is second time where they are fixing the venue outside india


Ipl 2017 Venue change| to south africa

As there are lot of adventages of this decision but some people also have to face many type of problem regarding to IPL. There are many people in india who wants to see there player at there home ground but this year all of them can’t see them because To see a match it is very difficult to go outside india.

On the other hand team india surely got the support from south africa as well because there are so many indian who are living outside india as well. I am personally waiting for the ipl from the past few months and now final schedule has been about to come. So these are the main information which we collect about Ipl 2017 venue change. Ipl 2017 happen in south africa

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